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Black Box Computer for Rekordbox Controllers

I am using DDJ-RZX since 2 weeks and despite some Bugs in the controller that I already reported in other post the controller is ok for me at this moutment, of course due the price I expected much more in terms of the Firmware with much more funcitonality butis it is ok so far.

The point here is that I am reading in the Forum a lot of people dealing with different problems with Rekordbox that can be caused with conflicts with Windows Versions, other installed SW, HW components and drivers.

Based on that I was thinking why not Pioneer not launch a kind of Black Box computer just to be used with Rekordbox and be plugled to the controllers offering the feeling to the users they are using a standalone system ?

This Black Box computer need just an USB to be connected to the controller, output to a Display or maybe to a Tablet and need some USB's to plug Pen Drivers or external HDD.

It can be very simple and running any type of Linux version to make it cheaper.

I know that in the future for sure the controllers is going to have a kind of computer like this inside but if we have it now I am sure the people that decide to invest on it is going to have a much better experience with Rekordbox and a much more stable environment.

I would like to listen from Pioneer if there is any plans in this directions.

Thanks in advance,