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XDJ RX 2 & Streaming to Mixcloud Live - anyone done this?


I want to try streaming my sets on Mixcloud Live, which requires me sending audio from my XDJ RX2 to my laptop.

I have tried connecting it using the USB rear socket and cable I use to connect my PC to my XDJ RX2 to use Rekordbox- but  I couldn't see an option to select this audio input in the streaming software (which is mixcloud live's own 'Live from your browser' built in software)

I had MIDI selected at the time, as to my understanding that's how the XDJ communicates with the laptop) but I do not want to use rekordbox during the stream if I can - I'd rather use my USB stick to keep the laptop free just for monitoring the stream, and also my effects only work on Master channel when using Rekordbox, (but that's a separate support enquiry I'm still working on lol)

How do I send audio from my XDJ RX2 to my laptop? Can I use the USB cable I'd use for Rekordbox, or do I need to buy a soundcard and use an audio/phono output from the XDJ instead?

If I have to use Rekordbox to do this, can you tell me how to send audio to the laptop - Is there something in Preferences/Settings I need to look at?

And also, If I have to use Rekordbox to do this, can you tell me how I can also browse and load from the USB stick rather than rekordbox, if rekordbox is connected?

Thank you!