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DJ Link Export not Working with MacOS Sonoma E-8306

When try using Export Link feature with my XDJ-XZ I always get the Error: E-8306 No File

I tried connecting the XDJ-XZ directly with a USB to Ethernet Adapter (This one is working flawlessly with all other devices).
I also tried using a network switch in between and I also tried it wirelessly with a Wifi Adapter.

Iam able to establish a link connection ("Link" Pops up in export mode and I can click it and also see both of my XDJ Decks).

As soon as I try loading a track (via the XDJ-XZ itself or via Rekordbox) the Deck on the XDJ switches to loading (I can also see the Track loaded within Rekordbox) but then after a while I get the error E-8306 No File.

My files in my library are AIFF Files which work without any issues on XDJ or CDJs.

I updated to the latest Mac OSX update and PioneerDJ already said that Sonoma is fully compatible.

My XDJ-XZ is also running the latest firmware (1.25). I am also running the latest version of Rekordbox.

When I try connecting via "LINK" on the XDJ-XZ and USB Link Export, then it is exactly the same reaction: E-8306 No File.

I also tried different ethernet cables with no success. I just received my XDJ-XZ Today

Andre Nadj