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Pioneer XDj XZ waveform of the track which tends to flash if compressed

Hi all, I have for a few days a new Pioneer XDJ XZ (production of 10/2023 already updated to the latest software version), I noticed one thing something I was also seeing on the Pioneer CDJ 2000 nexus and 2000 nexus 2, that is the display seems to have a low refresh rate.
Even on the XZ compressing the whole track waveform tends to flicker, whereas if I expand the waveform it comes out perfect.
Have you ever noticed this?
I have attached a video to give you an idea, I had a hard time in being able to record the problem.
At this point, it occurs to me that the screen on the XDJ XZ is the same as the CDJ 2000nxs and 2000nxs2, which also have a low refresh rate.


I have attached a video, I hope you can understand what I see, the waveform tends to flash if completely compressed.


Valerio Maesani