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Opus Quad: set loop not active when playing from cue, inconsistent?

Hi, I'm wondering if the following behavior is desired and consistent:

When I set a loop by pressing the loop knob (e.g. a 4-beat autoloop) the loop is set and starts playing. Then I press an empty hot cue button to save the hot cue with the loop on it. When I press the hot cue button the loop starts playing as desired.

Now: when the loop is playing and I press the temporary cue button (with hot cue replacement enabled), the playback stops as desired. When I then press play again, playback starts but the loop is inactive. E.g. pressing CUE and then play deactivates the loop and afaik that's different behavior than in rekordbox, no? I can only start playback with the loop via the hot cue or by using the re-loop funcation (shift + loop knob).

I have a video in case that's needed.