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Audio stuttering when Explorer is open on Windows 11

Strange problem with USB audio, Windows 11 and Explorer.

I use med laptop with Pioneer DDJ-800 controller. I also show video on 2nd screen and open Explorer to find a file and start it while using Rekordbox DJ software for the sound. Never been any problem and CPU and other resources are hardly used.

But suddenly a problem as appeared- When I open Window Explorer (or an open/save box) the sound starts to stutter (this is the sound output on the USB). Sounds terrible. But still minimal use of all resources.

If I close Explorer thing go back to normal again. Have trid running all other kind of sotware, but this only happeds with Explorer, and only when outputting the sound through USB to the DJ controller.

Why does Explorer mess the the USB audio?
And tips on how to fix this?

Started with no warning (might have been an update or something).





We have replied to your ticket and we will gather the necessary information to investigate this. 


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Hi there,

It sounds like you're experiencing a frustrating issue with USB audio stuttering when using Explorer on Windows 11. This could be due to a conflict or resource contention caused by the Windows Explorer process, especially since the issue occurs only when Explorer is open.

Here are a few tips that might help resolve the problem:

1. **Update Drivers**: Ensure that all your audio and USB drivers are up to date. Sometimes, manufacturers release updates that address compatibility issues with new operating system versions.

2. **Check for Windows Updates**: Since the problem might have started after an update, make sure your system is fully updated. Sometimes, subsequent updates can fix issues caused by previous ones.

3. **Adjust Power Settings**: Go to the Power & Sleep settings in Windows and ensure that your USB settings are set to not suspend. This can sometimes interfere with continuous USB audio output.

4. **Disable Exclusive Mode**: In the Sound settings, go to the properties of your playback device, click on the Advanced tab, and uncheck "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device."

5. **Try a Different USB Port**: Sometimes, using a different USB port can resolve bandwidth or power issues.

6. **Resource Monitoring**: Use Task Manager to monitor CPU, memory, and disk usage when you open Explorer. Look for any spikes or unusual activity that might give you clues.

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I hope these suggestions help! Let me know if you find a solution or need further assistance.


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