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Track beginning CUE point not where I want it


I have a few tracks where the CUE point for the start of the track is wrong, but Rekordbox does not move the cue marker to that point. It jumps back to where it is. I am zoomed in and trying to dial in the exact point to start the track, not the bar, but where I want the track to start.

In the image: The track is paused and I click CUE where my drawn green line is as this is where I want the track to start, but the CUE always jumps back to where it currently is. How to force the CUE point to where I want it?

Larger image via link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cOvbjvHoxwe8y_9Tfh-iL0HUlwi8En5X/view


mark stallard




It is hard to see as the image is quite small. 

But you either need to correct the beat grid or turn off Quantize. (quantize is the red Q button to the bottom right side of your image) 

But you might want to correct your beatgrid first and then set the CUE. 

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