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M2 HDD from dead laptop moved to new laptop - how do I setup and have my playlists & tracks on new laptop?


My old laptop died, however the M2 type HDD from dead laptop was absolutely fine and I've put this in the second slot on the new laptop.  This contains all my tracks & Rekordbox info such as playlists, cue points etc.  

Can anyone advise how to setup Rekordbox where it automatically reads from the old M2 drive, automatically seeing all my playlists and cue points etc please?

I've tried installing Rekordbox, but it has set it up as a fresh install.  Just to clarify also, I wasn't able to do a Rekordbox backup, however I have the old HDD so I'm thinking I should be able to either point Rekordbox at my old folders or copy them from one HDD to the other (I don't know which folders are referenced by the software though)

Thank you in advance

Luke Martin