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Beginner DJ - Equipment help?


I've searched about for a forum and this one seemed good. Im a beginner looking to buy a piece of kit, i've got my mind set on a controller, i've did a bit of research and it seems like the Numark MK2 controller seems the best option in regards to price and product. My dilema is that many people ive asked, particularly friends that are DJs have suggested i learn on CDJs instead and that supposedly using a controller will form bad habbits.

I play a ton of instruments so its not a matter of buying a controller and letting it gather dust after a few weeks, im pretty serious about learning. Obviously if i had the time and money, i'd learn on vinyl but sadly i don't. For right now, I simply just want to teach myself the basics, I usually have parties round mine so ithink it would be a nice asset lol. Plus seems like a handy piece of kit for uni.

What do you guys think? Also do you think there are better controllers out there i could go for?


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