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Pioneer Toraiz sequencer & playback suggestions

Hello, I've had the Toraiz SP-16 for a few months now and had some ideas.

1.  Step Sequencer mystery notes -- SO i love step sequencers and I enjoy how it's implemented on the Toraiz.  I do wish that I could see the sequencer notes in the Sequencer menu.  I often change scales and midi scales.  If I'm changing between songs, I often come across a sequence that needs adjustment.  But all i know is the step position and blinking pads.  So then I have to go into the Sample or MIDI menu and look at the scale as the pads light up.  It would be easy to have those in the Sequencer Menu.

2. The Touchscreen MIDI Keyboard for Root notes -- I love this MIDI touchscreen keyboard.  I really, really wish I could use it for playing samples back in addition to MIDI out.  AND I would LOVE to use the touchscreen keys for step sequencing!!  Imagine that, please, for a second.  It looks so cool.  The size could be adjusted a little larger I think. 

3. Transposing --  I love old school style analog synth sequences.  I'm glad I can transpose MIDI out with a knob on the SP-16 but it's a little tough to use for performance.  Also, it would be great to use this for ALL sample playback.  How?  The Touchstrip.  Allow transposing of the currently selected Track by use of the touchstrip.  Up & Down a few semi-tones (or octaves) each would be amazing for MIDI and sample playback performance.  This could be set-up in the User Touchstrip settings.

4. Speaking of the touchstrip, I wish it could affect tracks as they playback. Maybe a custom User touchstrip setting?  i.e. pitch playback, repeats, etc. 

5. This one seems possible yet impossible but... Polyphonic sample playback is awesome.  The Electribe 2S has this and it's fantastic.  I would love to do that with the Toraiz SP-16.  How? What if extra tracks could be taken away and allotted to 1 single track which could then be polyphonic (either MIDI or sample playback).  A 4-note chord Sample playback would essentially be 4 exact copies of the same sample track but now it's stacked for polyphony!  Poly MIDI out, in all honesty, probably should have been already there... but I'm no engineer.

6. FX --  I like the SP-16 FX.  I just wish FILTER FX wasn't an FX but already available for ALL Samples.  Then the LFO could do filter sweeps while I mess with FX. 

7. FX part II -- It would be AWESOME to use the touchscreen as a customizable XY settings pad for FX or any customized parameters (e.g. filter cutoff on X axis, Resonance on Y axis,  sample loop point on X axis, Pitch on Y axis, etc.)  Because that's an awesome feature on the Electribe 2s as well as the MPC Live.  Being able to modulate numerous parameters on the fly (and a HOLD function) for a Track (or more) would be killer. AND this would add to the Resampling feature immensely. Customizable per Scene, preferably.

Don't know if anyone pays attention to these forum posts but I love the Toraiz.  It's sooooo close to perfection.  Please continue to update it. With these features, I think it would be better than all the other Sampler Workstations and an easy EASY recommendation to those on the fence about purchasing one.   Thanks for reading this!  Unless no one did!

Michael Black Feather