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Rekordbox DJ Lighting Requests

I LOVE the new lighting control with my RB-DMX1!!  But here's a couple things I really NEED:

-  Most songs were analyzed and assigned as COOL mood bank. :(  The only way I have found to change this is individually song by song in the Lighting mode of Rekordbox.  1)  I need a way to change a track's Mood and/or Bank assignment on the fly during performances, and that change stays with that track until I change it again.  I know I can assign controller PADS to Mood Banks (Club 1, Club 2, etc)...this is great, but not the desired method.  2) I need a way to change Mood & Bank assignments on a bunch of tracks at once.  One track at a time is not good.

-  I cannot find a way to change the track's Mood assignment.  If the analyzer flagged the track as HIGH and I want to change it to LOW, for example, how is that done?

- I would love a way to program my moving motor head's gobo's in Rekordbox DJ!!!  Even if it's a global override setting that I can make on the fly during a performance.

THANK YOU for your considerations!

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All of these are items that we're hoping to have included in future updates, thanks for the feedback!

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Any progress on this as the analysis of cool for almost all tracks is annoying.

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