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Android Rekordbox - Make it easier to sync added/removed tracks from playlists

I would like to automatically sync changes to my playlists from the Android Rekordbox app to the PC version of Rekordbox. It seems like there is no simple way to sync the added or removed songs from playlists on the Android app back to your PC. This seems like a central purpose of organizing and updating your collection on the go.

I can sync up and see the changes to my playlists under my mobile device on the PC version of Rekordbox, but how do I apply these added/removed tracks back to my PC's Rekordbox library? The only way I can see this working is to right click on each playlist from my Android, click "Import Playlist", then delete the original playlist from my PC Rekordbox. You need to do this 1 playlist at a time, which is inconvenient when you have around 100 playlists.

Really trying to use this Android Rekordbox feature for more on-the-go playlist organization, and it seems to struggle with this basic functionality.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



PC Rekordbox: 5.2.0 rev.13750-13319-13317 x64

Windows 10 Home

Android Rekordbox:

Galaxy S7: SM-G930V, Android 7.0