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Momentary modes for SP16

It would be useful to have momentary states for the mode buttons, so you could, for example, hold mute, select some pads, release mute, then they all mute on release and you return back to whatever mode you were in...


I am resurrecting this request as I feel it would make live playing so much more fun. I believe it was originally brought up here:



Simon Fine



Hello Simon,

This is a great request, Thank you for your feedback and I will pass this along to our production team.

Dj Creme
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Dont Touch in MUTE BOOTTON IN TORAIZ, please PIONEER do the same MUTE WAY in Patterns from the TOraiz sp 16 to DJS-1000


ITS IMPOSSIBLE to change the patterns in play on the DJS-1000, because if you change the pattern in Play mode the mute tracks dont stay like are in the actual pattern... that means , when you change the patter you can have a bad surprise and discoverer of all tracks was not in mute and bad surprise all the tracks witlll be playing even if on the last pattern only one track was not in mute on !




Rafa 0 票
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