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S-DJ50X help

1. I bought a pair of these speakers but I want to use them with a mobile phone, i tried with a jack 3.5 to 2 RCA (the red to one speaker and the white to the other, to the RCA input) and didn't work how can i use both speakers with my phone?

2. I have the DDJ-SB, it has the RCA input, how do I connect it with the Monitor speakers?


Dilan Ortega




The problem was that they came with the Voltage Switch for Europe and not for America usage. I also have another cuestion, the video promotion for S-DJX series shows that they turn on full volume, can i use them with a high or the highest volume as in the video without worry? when i connect the DDJ-SB the volume is greatly high, i think is higher than when i connect my phone, so what are the real volume levels for what they were made?

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