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More elegant previewing of tracks

Just picked up a DDJ-1000. Amazing in really forward looking ways but I'm surprised there's no default/elegant way to do something as fundamental as preview tracks in the browser without constantly touching the laptop. 

A primary reason for me to buy such a significant controller with screens was to reduce excessive interactions with a laptop. (especially any that make me look like I'm constantly jumping on facebook mid-performance) 

I hear you can map midi to start a preview. Could I map this to shift + load knob. Shift + Click in the load knob to start the preview and scrolling it back and forth while shift is still held down scrubs through it. 

If that's not possible I think an official option for preview start + scrub back and forth somewhere on the controller is much needed.  Thats the only thing I really miss from my Kontrol hardware.

I think the mapping method outlined above would represent pretty low risk of screwing up an active playing deck as long as load lock was enabled.


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I have mine mapped to SHIFT+SAMPLER CUE (which is the SAMPLER TAP BPM function). I never need to tap that (hahaha!) so I've changed it to something a bit more useful.

Just go into the MIDI mapping and un-map SamplerTapBPM by deleting the MIDI values (or delete the function entirely):

And then add the preview play/stop:

Assign it by clicking the LEARN button then press SHIFT+SAMPLER CUE.

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Thank you. I appreciate the tip. I'll check it out!

I notice now that Rekordbox doesn't mark tracks as played quite as aggressively as some competitors' hardware/software so this is actually a little less of an issue than originally thought.

Is the total playtime before a track is marked as played customisable anywhere? 

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Unfortunately this mapping only starts the previewing. What is also needed, is a function to skip through the track without touching the laptop. Previewing to a track should be  implemented to the browse knob, similar as TP does this in their controllers. 

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