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Important ! Toraiz SP-16 & DJS-1000 Headphones Monitoring Volume Controls

We need these units to have headphone monitoring controls when preparing a sound on the fly,for example we are in a mix and we want to browse for some sounds, in order to know what sound we are loading we need to hear it and if we use preview setting option while searching for a sound the sound being browsed will interrupt the mix when something is playing out of the unit ,if they can only put a separate volume control for the headphones to be able to monitor before loading without the sound coming out of the speakers or interrupting the mix while browsing,currently the Toraiz does have a headphone volume control but it does not do this & the DJS has the front port volume knob but is also not useful for the task.I think this is important for DJ's so we don't have to have everything preloaded and be able to work on the fly




hello Jova,

This is a very good suggestion. I will pass this along to the production team. 


Thank you.

Dj Creme
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