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Camelot Key System PLEASE


May I suggest that Pioneer - asl one of the last ones - switches to the Camelot Key System which is much easier to work with ?

Unless one has a musical education all these A A# Aem etc don't mean d!ck to Dj's, yet the Camelot system has made this much easier to find what plays nice together and what doesn't. Heck, most PRO DJ's use it anyway.

SO perhaps , if it's not too much to ask, follow that system or at least give the user the choice between the archaic system ( A# Bem etc ) or the Camelot system.

Thank You

Peter B


Peter Broerse




Yo .. @Pulse  ... we are busy digging for new music and preping sets / edits

and now with DJS-1000 taking over my world..

id pay a flat one off ... £20 - £50 just to get it over and licensed so we can push forward

its very very very time consuming .. to Mixed in Key / Vinyl / and so on .. into and then it doesnt land properly...

its a important factor .. if you need us to pay for that .. fine .. lets just get it done ...

who is in?

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I'm doing like this: Just download Traktor 3 demo, analyze only key in Traktor. Save. After that open Rekordbox and disable key analizing. Thats it.

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Why download a demo that only works for 30 minutes when my reply before yours states Rekordbox now supports camelot key analysis

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