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DDJ-2000 / RZX2/ Flagship

If an add-on dashboard that would bring RZX-esque screens to existing DDJ-1000 owners isn't on the cards then I'd love to see the modern space conscious design language of the DDJ-1000 applied to the DDJ-RZX.

1, 2 or 3 modern, high frame rate, responsive touch screens to control lighting, video plugins, simple library navigation, keyboard search and previews. Modern tablet multi-touch, not laggy old kiosk-style touch screens you find at the airport/car park!

Shave 10+cm of width and a whole load of weight off that thing. There's a lot of extraneous stuff that the DDJ-1000 fit into a smaller footprint. Lose the OSC sampler. If anyone really needs a vuvuzela they can add it themselves!

After initial setup, I'd like to be able to do an entire set without touching the laptop at all, so if i had a hybrid laptop, the keyboard can be folded away. leaving just the screen to see a birds eye view of the set.

2x Jog wheel screens for always visible, important glanceable info

More elegant preview/preview skip forward solution. Leaving this off the DDJ-1000 without remapping was an oversight IMO.

Make 4 Beat Loop, Auto Beat Loop again. Not sure of the logic behind the change.

Though I'd appreciate the build quality for a long-ter install, it's just too heavy to lug around. Lighter high quality non-glossy utilitarian plastic body.

Still powered by laptop obv. but include USB Hub for DMX1 and XP1. Better yet integrate the DMX1 to cut down on clutter.

Very unlikely but could an XDJ-RX/2 processor be included so for smaller gigs or laptop failure you could perform cut down 2 channel performances standalone (obv. without lighting, video features and complex FX).

Still powered by no-nonsense kettle plug or if possible the additional option of both data and power over USB-C

£2000-£2500 ballpark (if with limited standalone processors up to £3000)

The DDJ-1000's page mentions compact so many times so surely thats not the definite flagship 2018/19 model.. right? It's an RZ replacement at the RX price point. I wanna see what you can do at the higher price points but balanced with greater practicality for an on-the-move DJ rather than bedroom install.


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“greater practicality for an on-the-move DJ rather than bedroom install.“

Uh, I’m sorry, but how can you even reconcile this statement with a controller that requires a laptop?? For $3000 the next RZX should have two (if not four!), *actual* USB ports for flash-drives. Period.

Pioneer could scoop a lot of market share just by adding this feature. Denon DJ tried to fill this void in high-end standalone controllers and dropped the ball miserably (I know, because I own one). The technology is there and the product has many customers waiting to buy it once released — stop being greedy money grabbers Pio, because not everyone can afford a Nexus2 CDJ setup, and frankly, there’s no reason you can’t release anything smaller than the RX/SX without USB ports.

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Jay, please read before breaking out the indignation. I wrote in bold £2000-£2500 ballpark (if with limited standalone processors up to £3000) so yes.. £3000 for a high end controller that is standalone eg. doesn't require a laptop. The way i see it you'd only need a beefier laptop for high quality video & advanced lighting.

Why would you need four USB ports? Number of ports wouldn't dictate the number of channels that could playback simultaneously, but I guess this is what you're getting at. 

The iPhone is 11 years old. Smartphone/Tablet screens and processors are dirt cheap and ubiquitous. When we're talking about £1000+ devices I don't get why the Denon SC5000 is the only DJ hardware with modern UI tech.

Every controller selling for over £400 should have some form of standalone tech, however primitive. I can buy a tiny TV media player that plays every video and audio format under the sun, has usb, hdmi, wifi and ethernet from amazon for £30. Surely mid to high end DJ devices can be a LOT more modern and standalone. How the XDJ-RX2 or NX2 interface isn't running at 60fps in 2018 is beyond me.

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Essentially I'd just like SC5000-equivalent x 2 + Solid mixer made into an elegant standalone all in one, thus reducing setup time, discarding unnecessary audio, network and power cables and reducing the size and weight (eg. only one power supply needed)

Then if you need stuff like high quality video and automated lighting, plug in a laptop - but most importantly have it behave absolutely consistently regardless whether running off laptop or standalone.

If Pioneer want to build an Apple-like walled garden of hardware and software with Rekordbox then they need some Apple-like ambition to move things forward.

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