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Toraiz sp16 next updates top 3 wishlist

Finally the latest update 1.50, brought us the live sampling feature.

After waiting for so long, I hoped some other improvements would have been part of this update... I was wrong... but this gives me hope on the next ones. I give  my top 3 wishlist of what I would like to have next on the sampler:

1) automations: roland tr8s, volca sample/beats, digitakt style. this is something pioneer already said they would give us, when they introduced the machine. This feature would make the workflow even better. ( a lot better)

2) polyrhythms: 2018, I'm not asking much, and not much to talk about, all the competitors have it.

3) 2nd fx slot (+ reverb on insert). If u call the fx slot, FX1,  there must be an FX2. 2 fxs are a must especially if you "sacrifice" the only 1 fx slot we have right now, for the ducker. this is probably on the top 3 of everybody. 

there are many others features that i would like to have  like the envelopes on the digital/analog filters, but to me those are the most important.

the looper feels great.......... but

don't let us wait another year for the next update, please.





Thank you for your feedback, I will pass this great information to the production team.



Dj Creme
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My top 3:


1/ Audio and midi editing tools

2/ Pattern link (outside the arranger mode)

3/ 2d FX, an EQ would make it

RcMuSic 0 票
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FX2 - second fx is a must have for "professional sampler".

Look at Korg Electribe S, Zoom Arq, ... these devices cost nothing and have many more effects, many more fx slots...

Is there any chance to get information about ability of implementation of second fx slot in the future to Toraiz SP-16 firmware?

Phunk Jamz 0 票
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Of course all the above are essensials and must for such a beast machine. Lets hope that pioneer will respect and listen us who love and support this machine.

pantelis vathakos 0 票
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