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Renaming keys

I wish there were a way to rename the keys in rekordbox. Some tracks' keys are automatically set, for instance, to Abm, but I'd rather see G#m in the corresponding column. Others might prefer the camelot notation, or the Italian/french notation (Sol# min). 



Also it would be nice if the tracks were sorted properly when sorting by key. Right now, F#m is sorted between Em and Fm, which is not normal. Well it is if you think alphabetically, but imo the keys should be sorted from lowest to highest (or the opposite). 


Lucas Marchal 回答済み



You can, but then they won't be sorted properly by rekordbox / the players.

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IMO camelot keys are a lot simpler to use in practice

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Personally I would find it useful to have both Notations, (6A - Gm), available, as some tracks don't "fit" a particular key completely, and this would then be shown as a "disagreement" between Camelot and the RB algorithm, as below.

I currently achieve this by having MIK place the Key code and Tempo at the front of the track name, and have RB put its key analysis in the Key field.

1A - 7 - Get Up                                          Technotronic  R&B   3.28    124   Ebm

1A - 7 - Higher State of Consciousness    Josh Wink     Elect.  3.35    134   Abm

In this way I can see the Key, (twice), Tempo, & BPM. And I can sort the tracks by key, (two ways).

Plus RB is happy and so are any players I plug into. :-)


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