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Rekordbox BPM Values

I currently use Rekordbox software in performance mode with my DDJ-RX controller. The tempo sliders on the physical unit have little resistance and therefore making minor adjustments to the BPM can be difficult to completely match the BPM of the other track. 

I have a friend who uses the all in one xdj-rx and not only are the tempo sliders a lot easier to use, the BPM each track is analysed to one decimal point. It is much easier to change a track to 126.4 (for example) than it is to match it exactly to 126.42.

I wish there was an option within rekorbox to change the number of decimal places that tracks are analysed to.

Dan Balint



@Dan > Have you considered using the SYNC function? Press it twice and it will match the tempo, then disable the sync, leaving the BPMs matched.

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