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When protecting library Rekordbox dj 5.4

After enabling protect library. I am not able to create playlists.

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That's logical... you protect it against creation and deletion.

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i think too that this function is absolute logical

and i am happy that this function now is integrated to the software ! 
thank you 

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Disagree with official comment. I need to protect TAGS, not playlists. There's the library backup for that

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Hello! I'm happy that Rekordbox DJ exists as, in theory, the most efficient DJ software on the planet to save me from the others ! I am thankful that the development team has listened to my request for creating ' Protect Library Edit' but for the practicals I meant something else.
This new feature is a great improvement BUT needs serious and urgent improvement asap by the end of this year please as, right now, it is still a pain in the neck to use, I explain why. Please keep in mind of what users like me want is :

1- AVOIDING ACCIDENTAL DELETION OF META DATA THAT IS ALL THE PRECIOUS CHARACTERS -including letters, digits signs etc- THE DJ spent lots of time to create, SOMETIMES IMPOSSIBLE TO REMEMBER and crucial DJ info. (ex. long comments or genre's description).

2- being able to still do everything else than deleting meta data, wether it be off line (at home as we prepare our playlists for a gig) or, even more importantly, when we work live and improvise a set before a public (most important job of a good DJ is to adapt instantly to the public's mood and wants). During a live set, I move fast my fingers (metadata deletion risk is real) so I'll use 'Protect Library Edit' BUT I do need also to :

- move the playlist track order (crucial in order to prepare my, say for ex. next 20 live played tracks) or ANY playlists I may like to use (ex. especially 'Prepare', etc).

- Move (including location and order) or Create/Delete Intentionally Tracks/ Playlists/ Crates/ Folders etc. 

 - Add a track to any playlist (drag & drop or right click on track). 

- ... etc i.e. Allow anything else that metadata deletion, as usual (in case I forgot something).

3- a Warning Window before confirming any sensitive action (like deletion of anything, anywhere) to allow accidental mistakes, wether Protect Library Edit is ON or OFF.

4- create a shortcut (2 keys max to hit) to ENABLE/DISABLE 'Protect Library Edit' in a fraction of a second esp. when we need to edit quickly sthg during a live set and want to revert to Protect Library Edit as right now the path is long (no time we have).

Contrary to 'lock library' in SDJ (please, have a look at it) which allows to do all the above (except 4?), right now Rekordbox DJ CANNOT do any of 2-3-4- above mentionned, please fix it quickly ! as long as it's not done I am not moving to RKbox DJ as data deletion by accidental hit of a keyboard key is very easy and happened to me a few times, never in other softwares as yours is too sensitive to enter in 'Edit' mode and there is NO warning window before confirming.

PS : if some users like the software as it is now, then why not creating options in Preferences, one for keeping the 'totally frozen format' (current version) and another for choosing the 'flexible protect format' (the one I suggest).

Many thanks in advance for listening and your consideration. Kind regards. :)

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Its incredible that pioneer can't see why their feature of protecting against deletion and creation isn't that practical.


Do they even use this software in a live situation?  

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