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TORAIZ SP-16: Add user defined MIDI instruments in TRACK TYPE

On the SP-16: It would be really good if we could load MIDI instrument definitions with parameter names assigned to MIDI CC messages, so when we select TRACK TYPE, in the menu after the AS-1 option, our other synths will be available.

In this way we can see meaningful names for the MIDI CC messages we want to send, for example : "Filter Cutoff" instead of a CC# which gets forgotten. 

We could use a plain text file listing the MIDI CC# messages for each synth with a name next to each CC, and have the SP-16 load the file at startup. Possibly we could also define the MIDI channel our synth receives on to simplify setting up a track with it on the SP-16.

This should be easy to implement based on how the AS-1 integration is done.

Otherwise, there could be an option to just rename a MIDI CC when selecting it, using the on-screen keyboard which is already implemented.