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Performance Mode improvments

Hi, some features I would like to see:

1. (In 2/4 Deck Horizontal mode) Reduce the size of the waveforms and then have larger deck/jog previews either side.  This not only increases the visibility of all the deck info, tempo, quantize etc but also increases browsing space beneath.  On a 14" Laptop which I find the optimal size for portability and fitting in different venues, I struggle for screen space and find myself squinting at the master info I need constantly!  I'm sure you can squeeze in the hotcue/effects pads somewhere :P

2. Yes 100% would like to see a more colour coded Camelot integration like Serato (which I've never used, Serato that is! but the colour keys look handy!) I know this is the millionth time you've been asked lol! Just adding to the others..

3. If not number 2, then at least can we enable comments view on playing deck, so when I've added camelot notations in comments field at least I can see what key number I'm currently playing.  As once loaded and I move through playlist it's long gone and defeats the object. 

These are a couple I could think of for the time, I'm sure I've thought of others I will add accordingly.

I'm aware of the new traffic light feature being added, this will be a good addition to the current standard key notation I'm sure.