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Please change run-out groove internal mode behavior for DVS users

Most, if not all turntablists sticker their DVS records.

Currently they way switching to internal mode when record record reaches the runout groove, leaves no room for stickers on your records.

Problem: Rekordbox switches to internal mode only when it reaches the very end of the run out groove, not when it enters it. This results in the audio distorting and stopping if there's stickers in the way.

For example:

-Serato switches to internal mode immediately when it enters the the run out groove, so it doesn't matter if needles jump.

-Traktor DVS records have around 2cm of dead space between the run out and the label, which is ideal, and hope Pioneer's DVS product team would take a long hard look at that.

Love the software, and this is not a game breaker, but all these kinds of basic niggles just gives the impression the design team aren't DJs or haven't done their basic competitor benchmarking.

Keep up the good work, and hope this gets solved in a future update.