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Rekordbox Dj 5.4 Performance Mode - Allow the deck control signal scope to be viewable from the within the deck (possibly via a switch replacing the jog display)

Currently if there is some suspected issue with the timecode signal quality, the user has to open the preferences modal window, go to the DVS tab and then check/address the signal issues from the scope displayed there. This takes quite a bit of time to do, and can interrupt the workflow during a set.

It would be better if either:

1) The scope could be a toggle button above the jog display, which when enabled, replaces the job display with the scope display

2) There can be an option introduced in the View -> layout settings to allow the Jog display to be replaced with the scope (similar to what is done in Traktor Scratch Pro)

Marlon McKenzie




It's not very often I need to do that, given the timecode records and needles are clean, but it is a helpful feature, and I've had to check before during a set, especially as the needles age.

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