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Rekordbox Sync Grid Pitch Metronome Decimal point Headache

ok lets put music bought from beatport etc to one side, Rekordbox loves this stuff and its a pleasure to mix.

But, I am a multi genre dj (5-7hours per night) and I am growing tired of rekordbox because:

1. for most tracks rekordbox will have the grid position incorrect

2. the human must correct the grid

3. tracks run out of sync because the initial gridding has been done by a human; to lock every track down 100% the metronome is required for absolute perfect gridding.

4. The amount of time this is taking up is absurd given the amount of music that comes and goes on a weekly basis


lets be clear you can not just hit sync and the tracks are magically merged together, all of the above must be followed through to get the desired results.

After a Successful sync the pitch slider sometimes locks itself and becomes unresponsive, this is just the way rekordbox works and the slider must be shifted to the bpm indicated in red on the laptop to unlock it again. This all feels very unnatural and out of character for a dj.

A Better way:

rather than use sync, I prefer to match the bpm with the pitch slider and avoid locking the pitch and as a by product feel like your actually Djing more naturally.

but here the struggle is real, on the RR RZ and ddj1000 the pitch sliders are horrible, sometimes you are able to match the bpm quickly other times it can take 10 seconds or more.

this is due to the awful resolution of the pitch faders and rekordbox having 2 decimal places, why not just move in .5 increments, there is absolutely no need for .02 increments.


why do the vertical or horizontal wave forms take up so many screens? you only need to show half the wave form at most,

Make the full track wave allot bigger, this is the important one!

As a result of this I have become more of a stop start dj, Using Traktor I would mix everything and anything using just an X1/soundcard and the house mixer.

I wouldn’t even have had to of listened to a track before, but I could load it up, hit beat marker and it would play along side another track 100% without the need for gridding, nudging or metronome.

I have pre ordered the new traktor s4 mk3 with the included traktor 3 and I believe its going to expose alot of rekordbox short comings.

the answere I get on here "just hit sync" is not really viable given what I have outlined above, Time to up your game pioneer, giving the emperor new clothes every month is not going to cut it.





Well i sold my DDJ1000 and went S4 mk3 because of the issues above that i believe will never be solved in rekordbox, its just the way it is and i couldnt live with it.

i beleive traktor to be king of the sync and rekord box the music management software dreams are made of.

pioneer should buy traktor and become the perfect software............ au revoir!


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