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DDJ 2000 in Future?

Hello Guys,

not sure if this question was asked before (haven´t seen a similar topic) but would it make sence to create a "bigger" version of the fantastic DDJ 1000?

I would love to see a similar unit with the size of the RZ/ SZ Controller but on the other side, I don´t know if that would make sence.
The DDJ1000 is when it comes to features and possibilities more of a RZ than a RX (which is as far as I know the replaced product).

Would appreciate to hear what you (or maybe Pioneer itself) think about a third version after DDJ 1000 and the DDJ 400.


Tobias Trahorsch 回答済み




In my opinion, and what the introduction words of Pioneer seemed to explain, is that the DDJ-1000 is the first controller closest to a complete Nexus set.

Pioneer might have designed this controller to give the user the best Nexus experience possible for the bucks, with the motiviation to attract more people to their Rekordbox software.

And what the follow-up would or must look like... 

At this moment I don't realy miss certain items on this controller. Maybe because I recently bought mine, and did not spent that much time to get a full impression.

But when they would ask me now, then please skip the shiny top cover of the mixing part to prevent light reflections, and replace the mixer knobs for the better looking and feeling pro ones with white ring.

The displays in the jogwheel do their job well, but a full display on the top is still the best. Although the display in the jogwheel makes you look at your laptop a little less. Maybe Pioneer could update their software so that you can select more items in the round display to be turned on/off. And the option to change from the digital clock rotator to the original round rotor ring in the Nexus players. Just a thought...

Making the DDJ-1000 even bigger might be a bad idea. The size of a RX2 is the limit if you ask me. Don't forget we are talking about a home/stage controller, and not about a professional set with separated players and mixer. That's a different world.



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"and not about a professional set with separated players and mixer."

why does it need to be separated to be professional? From your comment the DDJ-RZX is not professional !...


I own both a DDJ-1000 and the DDJ-SZ, and I agree with the first poster.

I would love to see a DDJ-2000 controller of the size of the DDJ-RZ that brings back, at least, the dropped features present on the NX2-standard setup and the DDJ-RZ:

- get back 3x FX + releaseFX control above the jogs IN ADDITON to the beatFX on the lower right mixer corner

- releaseFX as paddle

- colorFX parameter

- needle drop

- more RCA connectivity on the inputs

- slip reverse as a paddle

- higher quality buttons (especially colorFX! )

- bigger, to be more spacious overall


also, would love to see loop and move endless encoders just like the NI gear for loop/beatjump control. its a lot more useful IMO.


ddj-1000 vs NX2 setup: https://s11234.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/ddj-1000-vs-djm-cdj-nxs2-setup.jpg

ddj-1000  vs ddj-rz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlYC0c1Jtfs


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Why does it need to be separated to be professional? From your comment the DDJ-RZX is not professional !...

No offend, but DJ controllers are in a way professional, but not realy professionaly used in big clubs or at festivals. Professional Pioneer hardware makes a set with players and mixer about $8.000,00 in total, that’s not a price you’ll ever pay for one controller I think.

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is anyone missing dedicated sequencer controls?

it only took up about 1.5" square real estate on the DDJ-RR.

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What about new model, upgraded DDJ-1000 with XDJ-RX2 Touch Screen. 

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