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Fog Machine Interface for RB-DMX1

It would be great if Pioneer DJ sold a DMX interface that works with RB-DMX1 that could be connected to the remote feature of an ADJ or Chauvet fog machine to control the fog machine and a setting in RB-DJ could be selected for fog on/off and fog delay timer or even fog/haze to the music etc. This would be one more awesome feature that would take away distractions from mixing and allow the DJ to concentrate on just the music. Lazy, I know but not having to drag a timer and set it along with the ability to produce fog/haze/bubbles or even fog bubbles to the music (yea I have that) would be awesome.

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Provided your fogger / hazer is DMX-capable, then this is something that we've already asked to be included in future when they add those devices.

Thanks for the feedback!

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