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DDJ RX with lan cable navigation - with controller

I sometimes use my XDJ RX with a lan cable to access my entire library while playing.  I have no problem connecting etc.  What I don't like is that my hands have to move from controller to computer to navigate playlists and folders.  With my old Serato controller the search wheel and load buttons become linked to the computer.  Meaning you can navigate the macbook screen with the same search wheel and load/arrow buttons you use to navigate the 7" screen on the controller when using USB sticks.  The computer still offers the ability to use the keyboard for global searches and (drag and drop loading) too.  I don't like the drag and drop loading on the macbook the same way as the load arrows on the controller.  It is easier to load the wrong deck with the drag and drop in my opinion. With the Serato style feature your hands never leave the controller to navigate, only your eyes to read.  The XDJ RX 2 may have this already, but I can't find documentation of this anywhere.  Thank you.

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You certainly can do that with the XDJ-RX/RX2 units.

With the RX, it was done with the ethernet cable, the RX2 uses a USB-to-ethernet bridge (driver required), but with either one you are able to browse the collection in EXPORT mode within the display of the RX/RX2.

If you want to do it like Serato does, you're wanting to use PERFORMANCE mode, where the hardware fully controls the software.

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