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Autogain level as a tag in Rekordbox.


A feature I think is needed in Rekordbox is a tag where the autogain level is displayed and can be edited using the keyboard, and then saved and stored like any other tag. When using the knob in the software the autogain is usually increased or decreased with a full dB when pressing, holding and moving the mouse up or down, which is way too blunt. In similar software the autogain can be manually edited down to one or preferably two decimals, e.g. +0.36 dB or so, which is something we would use to tweak a track before performing. This shouldn't be hard to incorporate as the autogain level is already there and can be edited via the mouse, and really is a "must have" feature in a software like this, in my opinion!

Best regards,

/Hannes, Sweden