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XP1 Slide FX and control suggestions


Hi Pioneer! I love your products, really, i have a pair of plx 1000, a ddj sb, a ddj sx2 and a ddj xp1 and the last has a really nice design but has a really, really, really bad user experience and rekordbox control, please, listen to my suggestion.

- Sample player

Update the software to let me control one bank for deck, not mirrored decks, it makes no sense at all. Why 32 pad if they act like only 16?


Slide FX is disappointing, frustrating and poor.

Todays Use:

  1. Select slide fx for each deck and control 1/2/3
  2. Activate the desired FX
  3. Change de beat parameter while sliding through the control
  4. Turn off or hold the effect
  5. You cannot use beat effects
  6. You cannot use especial effects packs like noise/filter/etc
  7. No-shift/no-effect-active slide control does nothing
  8. Shift + Slide / Shift + Effect does nothing
  9. Impossible to deactivate beat effects panel

Desired use, just a matter of reprogramming:

First of all:

Since the slide is made within the perfomance in mind, it makes no sense to use the slide to change beat parameters, i need to use the slide to change the effect level, there is no sense in activate (eg) the flanger with 100% level active and change the parameter while moving my finger, i want to change de level with the beat step pre-configured. 

I don't understand why we can not use all the effects with this hardware control, its absolutely possible.

Since we have a slide fx which acts like a knob and a on/off toggle, it is possible to use with EVERY SINGLE EFFECT IN THE REKORDBOX!

I want to use slide fx like those 3 knobs/buttons of effects, rekordbox don't need 2 panels of effects (beat effects and slide fx), it just need one, beat effects.

"My desired and optimal" way to use the slide fx control with rekordbox dj:

  • Show/Hide slide fx/beat effects control toggle (on screen and shift + "hold" to cycle)
  • Finger slide on strip with no shift/no-hold/no-active-effect (change the parameters for all effects, non absolute, slides up increases, slides down decreases, like your beat effects (if one effect has -64 to 64 beats, you need to keep sliding up/down to achieve this values while the others still at their maximum/minimum values)
  • Shift + Effect toggle on/off - cycle through beat and slide fx to select the desired effect ON THE GO, between all the effects, not just slide fx, i want to press shift + 1 and cycle to change to flanger, white noise, echo, transform for this control, same to 2 and 3. 
    ("Oh my god, but if the effect is like something transform or rolll man?" Read down below)
  • Shift + Hold active + Slide - While im on a transition or build, with an effect active (eg: transform) and press hold, it can locks the level and the effect active, so, when you  slide your finger while pressing shift you can change the beat parameter. That way you can make more with effects like roll/transform/echo, you need to hands, nice you have those.

With this suggestion, in addition with default programming, you can:

  • Select all the effect without touch the screen/mouse/touchpad
  • Cycle through all the effects
  • Clean and optimize the effects section on the screen
  • Change the desired effect on the fly
  • Change the desired level on the fly
  • Change the desired beat parameter on the fly

You already has the knowledge to achieve this:

On the ddj sb for serato, you had 3 on/off toggle to effect and only 1 rotary control for level and parameter change for all the 3 effects.

When you turn the rotary, it changes the level, when you turn with shift, it changes the parameter, its the same idea i want in the slide fx. I dont want to reset the level to zero, you can do it internal.

How cold yout forgot this type of thinking?


Please, listen to my words!

Luv ya! <3

Eder Lima