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Ability to hide the content of a playlist from appearing in the collection

Hi everyone, 

I'm a residential DJ/audio coordinator for a casino and quite frequently have to curate playlists with very specific types of music for a certain demographic or event, for example 500+ songs for an 80's themed party. All that music, in combination with my own playlists  that i don't spin commercially, deep house, lo-fi, future beats, etc, in my rekordbox collection, has become increasingly difficult to navigate efficiently and freely spin music to suit the changing demands of my job, and the demographic of the crowd

Being able to filter out playlists from the collection that I dont use with frequency or that don't mesh with the crowd seems like a much more intuitive way of track organization, that still gives the DJ the flexibility to spin on the fly from his collection.

As of right now I've completely removed my personal collection of music from Rekordbox to declutter my collection and use Traktor to manage my non-commercial music, I've gotten quite fond of rekordboxs workflow and wish i could use it as my only go-to Music managment/DJ tool. It seems like a simple enough thing to implement with little disadvantages.

Rafael ladronde



You could easily accomplish that using the intelligent playlists, related tracks playlists, and use of the MyTag features. I'd suggest using those a bit more to see how they might achieve what you're asking about, they're super-powerful!

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+1 for Rafael.

Same problem/issue here.

The intelligent aren't so smart at all.

Last week i deleted my entire library and intelligent playlists because those lists does not update when you remove a playlist from the collection and, all the tracks still on the collection, so the intelligent playlists still with all the tracks they filtered when created/track added. (I've tried again just now, for sure, and all the tracks still in collection)

I keep my library organized by, in order:

- genre

-- date

-- key (intelligent playlist)

-- some special filter (some artist or subgenre, style, manual/intelligent playlist)

I will be nice if when i delete a playlist it deletes all the tracks from the collection and, if we can create intelligent playlists inside folder/playlists.

Today, if i export an intelligent playlist filtered by key, it will export all the tracks with this key from the entire collection.

It will be nice if i create an intelligent playlist only for an folder. This way i can create my KEY intelligent playlists and export those only for a specific genre, year, date, etc.

For those who play a lot of different genres and styles, to have intelligent playlists filtered inside specific folders makes the difference.


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I've attempted to use this method but that would require me to tag all songs imported constantly versus tagging my old folders removing them from view in my mail collection and forgetting about them except the few times i am looking to spin them.

Having this function would also greatly speed up the ability to sort new songs into specified genres and sub genres from the collection view.


300 untagged songs imported into collections 

mixing a Caribbean set with some of the songs found in collection

then mixing a hip hop set the next day

being able to quickly ID both sets separately then removing them from view in collections so i can tag the new additions, lets say i only tag 200 songs, when i get back into collection view i can catch the stragglers i didn't organize by removing from view the tagged and bagged songs.

If there's a way to recreate this workflow please explain because i haven't been able to.

Thanks in advance for hearing me out.

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@Rafael > Two things I can think of...

1) Go into the history and create a playlist from the tracks played at the Caribbean set and then adding the tags as necessary. Repeat with the HipHop history.


2) Sort by import date, and if you use other MyTags (such as a general "Tagged" operational tag), you could then identify which ones need additional work.

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