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XDJ 1000mk2: QWERTY Search

Hi, I'm aware that the XDJ 1000mk2's do not currently support 'Search' when using HID mode. Is this not a feature that can be added in the next firmware update, as Rekordbox is your software after all? 

I personally don't have a PC/Laptop near my decks as I used the on-board screens of the XDJ. This works great when playlists have already been setup, but would be nice to search using the XDJ's QWERTY keyboard too for mixing on the fly. 

(For me at this time, it's easier to use HID as my PC only has one Network port which is being used for the internet so no ports for Link mode) 

Thanks for reading. 

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The intention there is that you are connected to a computer, which presumably has a keyboard attached (or touchscreen keyboard). The functionality to have the computer accept incoming keyword searches is quite technical and unfortunately there are no plans to include this in any updates. Thanks for your feedback.

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