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Phrase Notes

Hi, I was just thinking it would be amazing if you could add notes instead of the generic section names to phrases.

So for example you've got a track divided into 8 or 16 bar sections, and you know that the 5th phrase is where the high hats come in. Instead of having that phrase simply named as "Verse #" or whatever else you could have it named "High Hats", or for example "Vocals" in some other case.

But basically making it so you can give custom names to phrases in order to function as notes. I mostly do Techno and DnB and this kind of thing would be extremely valuable to me, and I think to most other DJs as well. 

And I think it wouldn't really be that hard to implement, so low risk/high reward, right? 

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Whenever someone uses the phrase "it wouldn't really be that hard to implement," they typically have no idea how hard it would be. ;)

I've moved this to the product & feature suggestions forum so our team can consider it, however there's no guarantee it can or will be added. Thanks for the feedback.

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