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Incorrect sort order for date added

When I sort by Date Added, the sort order is incorrect. An example can be seen here: https://imgur.com/Ad3toiZ

When I export my collection as XML, the tracks that are ordered incorrectly has their date formatted like "2019-1-19" compared to the correctly ordered tracks which have the date formatted like "2019-01-19". This is not visible in Rekordbox directly as seen in the screenshot.

I exported the collection to XML and corrected the dates, and now the tracks are sorted correctly in the "rekordbox xml"-view. I imported all tracks to the collection again, choosing to overwrite data. The malformed dates were not overwritten so the problem persists.

Will I lose data (such as cue points) if I delete my collection, then reimport the fixed XML? Is there something else I can try?

Oskar Kärrman




It's a longstanding issue indeed, and annoying as @%@#$ I also love to use the DateAdded as a sort criterion. 

I'm the developer of the DJ Conversion Utility and maintain excellent relations with the Pioneer engineering team. They are aware of this problem, as well as the build up of import times of XMLs when the Rekordbox collection grows.

So we have to sit & wait for them to fix it.



It's been a while I dived into it but I think I found out (not 100% sure) that the setting of the date format in the System preferences influences how the DateAdded is being imported but I'm not 100%, couldn't get it working reliably anyway :(

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