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Lock Hot Cue option.

Can we please have an option to lock the Hot Cues somehow? I suggested in another thread that we're given an option to change the Shift + option from Delete to Engage. In other words, the only time we'll be able to activate a Hot Cue is when we press Shift + whichever Hot Cue we choose to use.

I personally feel as though this is way, way more important than deleting a Hot Cue, which we can easily and quickly do within the program itself. Deleting a Hot Cue on the spot like that is great, but going back to the beginning of the song you're playing because you accidentally hit the Hot Cue can be tragic. So it would be awesome if we could be given the option to either keep it as is or to use it to Lock the cues.





Solution already posted for you through MIDI mapping.

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