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XP1 Sampler Clear / Save Bank / Overwrite ore Load not empty Sampler

Unfortunately, one of the most important functions to use without additional hardware (mouse or keyboard) for the DDJ-XP1 has still not been solved. I don't know on how many forums I've read these unsolved questions from dissatisfied DJ colleagues, but Pioneer doesn't seem to be doing anything to finally introduce these important features.

The XP1 is a miracle weapon that Pioneer can't use 100%. The NAI Traktor Pro function "Remix-Deck" should have reached Pioneer by now - especially the SAVE OF BANKS!! But no, you still have to overwrite a loaded sampler with the mouse at the gig - with the DDJ-XP1 this is not possible!!! With the key combination SHIFT+(SamplerPad) you can load the sampler, but you can only empty (delete) it with the mouse.

1. function to overwrite a loaded sampler with the DDJ-XP1 only
2. functions to delete all samplers or sampler banks
3. saving banks (Remix Deck NAI Traktor Pro)

I can't understand why saving Sampler Banks is not possible? It limits the functionality and flexibility of the DDJ-XP1 extremely! If I could save the sampler banks, I can define a separate sampler bank for each song.


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Mark Rebell