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Grounding PLX 500 - No earth wire

I know the turntable is 'internally ground' but it is still not ground when i use my set up. I have plx 500 turntables, an allen and heath Xone 22 mixer and Pioneer DJM-40 speakers. i get a terrible humming noise when I am in phono but not when I have it in line.


The RCA cables are obviously integrated into the turntable so I have no idea how to ground them through the mixer as there is no earth wire? Surely surely surely Pioneer did not design these turntables so that there is no way for them to be ground on a conventional set up... Any help would be much appreciated!

Eliott Carruthers 回答済み



Is your mixer grounded? I know that particular model has an external power supply, so even if you ran a ground wire from the turntable to the mixer, you're not doing any more grounding than the RCA cables are doing.

My recommendation would be to ensure your headshell and cartridge are seated properly, and then connect various components one at a time to see where the ground loop is coming from.

As all three of those units are ungrounded, you may simply need to ground one of them yourself.

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