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DDJ RZX Jogwheel

I have a DDJ RZX and why isn't the jogwheel aluminum like in the past advertisements and like the DDj Sz?The wheel feels like plastic and not smooth like the DDJ Sz because I have both.I have used Pioneer equipment my whole deejay career and this controller is supposed to be superior of everything Pioneer has produced.WILL the aluminum wheels fit on the DDj RZX or is there an aluminum platter that can be affixed to the plastic wheels on the unit?I feel I have been ripped out of $3000.I have been trying to deal with these slippery plastic jog wheels but it's getting to the point Ive become very frustrated with this unit.And why can't the unit be compatible to Serato DJ as well.Serato is so much simpler and faster.Pioneer needs to fix these issues because I'm sure I'm not the only one that has felt like this about this disappointing product.WHAT is gonna be done to correct this misinformed and disappointing unit?




@Vincent > When was that screenshot taken? That's not from the current website. We did have an issue where the web team had inadvertently posted the wrong specifications to the RZX product page when it was published in July 2016, but by October 2016 it was corrected.

The jogs on the RZX are the same pressure-sensitive jogs as those on our top-level CDJ players, and they are considered to be more accurate and offer better performance than the touch-capacitive jogs. Unfortunately they can't be exchanged as there is additional circuitry required for the capacitive jogs to function.

The RXZ was never advertised to function with Serato DJ, and as with all of our R-series controllers, none of them are, or ever will be, compatible with Serato.

If you had never used rekordbox before, the RZX is a pretty steep way to transition from Serato, especially with regards to video work. Did you trial rekordbox video before your purchase? I'm sorry you're disappointed with things, however as a DJ myself who buys equipment regularly for my mobile business, I do a fair amount of research before pulling the trigger, often to the extent of renting gear before I buy to make sure it's the right investment.

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