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Rekordbox/ DDJ-XP1 Potential Feature


Would it be possible to add a feature to rekordbox so that you can lock any equipment being utilised during a set?

I normally perform sets of 5 plus hours and when going to the loo have to trust that turning vinyl mode off and putting my XP1 into sample mode will do the trick against drunk individuals.

I have 2 XDJ-1000's, a DJM 850, and an DDJ-XP1 which I connect and use through rekordbox.  Having this feature to lock all the equipment would be incredibly useful especially for the XP1 as I've had people see the "pretty colour buttons" and just hit them ruining the playback.

I don't believe there is a way to do this currently so would it be possible to be added in a future rekordbox update or hardware fireware update?




Charlie May