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DJS-1000 / Wrong Sample BAR Load (Sample 1Bar, DJS load 2Bar


Since longer the DJS-1000 load often the wrong BAR Length of a Sample. If i load a Sample with 1Bar (4beats), the DJS load it 60% with wrong speed and wrong Bar.

Sample in rekordbox 4Beats / 1 Bar. Load Pioneer DJS-1000 with 2 Bar and also wrong tempo.

Loading Sample with 4bar, DJS add it with 8 Bar!

(i want to ad pictures, but 2B upload space for one picture is oldschool)

Mark Rebell



Hello Mark,

Are you live sampling into the DJS-1000 or loading a sample from a USB? 

If it's from a USB you might want to check the Bar/Tempo of the sample since it might of read it inaccurately. If you are sampling it live, make sure you set the desired length before sampling.

Let me know if this was helpful, Thanks.

Dj Creme
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