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XDJ RX2 scroll feature (Track search) (Touchpad sensitivity) (Trackprg)

1.) Jogwheel / encoder feature

I am using my RX2 more and more and i love it.

The reason why i write this request have to do with the "Scroll encoder" and search function.

This encoder knob takes quite a beating and i know after using the CDJ 2K, NXS,NXS2 extensively.

What Pioneer could have done is this.

While in "browse"

Press "Shift" and just turn one of the jog wheels to scroll faster. 

1. The revolutions are way faster than turning the encoder.

2. Redundancy, it works as a backup if the encoder fails.

Why not use this as a prime function to scroll any of the menus? 

2.) Touchpad Sensitivity

It would be great to be able to adjust the hotcue pads and their sensitivity. Its way easy to nudge them when playing, and most of the time it launches another cue or loop

3.) Track program (Touchpads)

On other machines like CDJ2K It was possible to "record" three different cues/ loops or tracks. And jump seamlessly between them.

That feature on the RX2 would be awesome.
8 program cues and jump between 8 tracks.

Martin db