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Creating Cloud database for rekordbox (beta) - Settings are back to default

Hi Pulse,

I hope this is the right way to post cause I diddn't see a possibility to respond on your original post:


I followed the steps yesterday on my Macbook Pro and I facing some issues in step 6 like you allready described, but their actually not the same:

- Opening Rekordbox after step 1-5 results in a reset of some settings like fonts, language and waveform-coulours. They are putted back to default values.

- My Account is still loggged in
- My collection, playlitsts and column order are still the same and functionaI
- I diddn't receive any error

So I checked the following:

- Library\Application Support\Pioneer\rekordbox\rekordbox3.settings;

looks like this file was created new yesterday after starting Rekordbox in step 6. So all defaults are set back, including the path changes in step 4

- Library\Pioneer\rekordbox\

- ExData.backup.edb
- ExData.backup.edb2
- ExData.backup.edb3
- ExData.backup

Database files have created dates in the past, like 2016 as I installed RekordBox. So I think, nothing happend with these databases...

I back upped all the files you recommended, including the rekordbox3.settings file.

I can imagine restoring the rekordbox3.settings file will put back my settings. But I would like to hear your opinion first.... Beside, it would be pretty cool when I can move the masterdatabase to my cloud folder :D

Looking forward to your answer :)



Timski 回答済み



@Tim > If there was a single character out of place with regards to the path, and it didn't load the files properly, it would have wiped you out to start from scratch.

Please note that the per-computer preferences are actually stored in other files outlined in step 5, which is one of the reasons this is not an officially supported implementation -- it's not going to work 100%, especially if a step was missed or mis-typed.

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