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feature request: Sync all cues, ID3 tags, rekordbox settings across multiple devices

I would absolutely love the workflow of a cloud based system.

To be able to work on my really fast iMac to crush out bringing new music in, to then be on the bus on my laptop to tag and beat grid, and even get stuck in a line and whip out my phone to continue editing new tracks. All kept up to date on the cloud, and further kept safe as an additional back up.

On top of that, to be without my laptop or usbs, or maybe I didn't prepare by syncing usbs with my latest music, and still be able to pull my library along with all metadata off the cloud on my friend's computer to jump in and play whenever.

I've seen backend ways to do this using terminal and changing file paths, but it just all sounds so sketchy and I'd rather trust pioneer's integration into rekordbox. Also, I've already done this with my music library on two computers using iCloud, but I'm not getting all cues, loops, etc. coming through, only comments, genre, etc. and even then, I have to update the library rather than an auto sync of all new changes coming in.

Maybe this is asking a lot, but just wanted to put it out there that I'd be really stoked on this feature.

Thank you for creating such bad ass software!!!




Officially, no. Unofficially, I have prepared instructions on using Dropbox to sync between computers, but realistically, an external drive as the source of the music and database host is the best option as you can "export" the music back to the drive (it doesn't double up the capacity) and then load it into a CDJ, XDJ, or another rekordbox computer (as a device) and play from the exported music / playlists.

If you load it to another computer as the primary database, then everything is the same as when you used it on any other computer asa the primary database.

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Just wanted to check in on this and see if there are any ways I can accomplish all or part of this at the present moment.


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