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Pioneer plx 1000 - strange smell

I use a pioneer plx 1000 at home for half a year already. Everything works fine. About a month ago, I noticed that a gramophone emits an unpleasant smell when it is turned on and off. The smell is like either a burning burn or paint or glue ...
Is it a problem?

Edgar Grishchuk 回答済み



Typically that "new electronics" smell is flux or a cleaning solution burning-off the electronics in the first few uses after manufacturing, but after half a year, it should have already occurred. It's entirely possible that there is a component that has failed (or is failing) and thus creating the smell... it's also possible there's an overvoltage in the power supply where you have it plugged-in causing an issue with the internal voltage converter, but that would potentially affect other electronics as well, so if it's only that one PLX emitting an odour, I'd suggest you keep an eye on it, and if something fails, please contact Pioneer DJ technical support in your region to have your PLX inspected and/or serviced. If it's within a year from purchase, it would be covered by warranty.

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