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Poor Quality dj products

I'm a bedroom dj and I play about 2hrs twice a week and over the last few years I've had the following problems:

- Two HDJ-500:  Headphones broke just after 1 year.

- DJM-250:  Both effects knobs and headphone select buttons not working after 2 years.  

- DJM-250mk2:  Left upfader has dead spots after 18 months.  

S-DJ 80X:  Since new one speaker occasionally had a static hum which stops when I touch the back of the speakers and I have checked all wires and grounding.

Now, am I the most unlucky person in the world or has pioneer become complacent and the quality of their DJ products has taken a major dive?  

In south Africa If you send in your equipment to the official repairers you can wait up to 3 months.

I tried having the faulty components in my mixer replaced but the technician who seems competent and works in a repair store could not get the parts.


Justin Gad 回答済み




I hear ya, that is disappointing for all that to occur to one user. Unfortunately you also highlight another issue; support and repairs within Africa. We currently only list one authorized service shop -- in Morocco (there may be others in SA, but that either means they're official dealers but not official repair shops, or the list needs updating!) Parts can also something of a challenge in that availability comes from the suppliers in Japan.

I'd like to be able to tell you that all of our gear will be perfect all of the time, but we know that would only be true if it sat on the shelf and was never used. All of our units are designed with components that are selected to withstand expected use for a long life of the product, but it can happen that components fail prematurely, which is why we provide a 1 year manufacturer's warranty against those kinds of failures. Anything after that, or use/abuse causing failure outside of our expected use, is unfortunate but can (hopefully) be repaired.

If you can let me know which shop(s) you use for servicing, I'll try and get in touch with the teams that handle the African region to see if they have any known delays for parts.

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