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cue cue & hot cue suggestion

cue cue & hot cue suggestion
It would be possible for the export mode, in the future to be able to duplicate the memory cue to hot cue?
In other words, I like to have the memory and the hot cue equal even with the same color, but in each song I have to select the memory first and then the hot cue.
A button in the software that duplicates the points cue cue to hot cue, would be very good for the future, since as you can not use the Gate function in stand alone mode, (XDJ RX2) with the cue memory and the cue button if you can use something similar, ie use the cue button as hot cue gate mode

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it's a shame, it would be very nice to check a box in EXPORT mode, and duplicate the memory cue in HOT CUE ... I hope that the EXPORT mode will improve it little by little, we are many and every day more DJ, who do not use PC , and we only use EXPORT mode

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