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Slow/Laggy browsing in library (Macbook Pro 15" 2016)

(*support ticket posted too, just posting here in case someone has fixed this issue somehow already*)

Hi there,
I've recently moved to a top of the range 2016 15" Macbook Pro (maxed out), from a 2016 Microsoft Surface Pro. Although I should have a much more powerful machine, the browsing within Rekordbox is laggy and slow when I move up or down the collection (35k songs).

I've tried a number of things so far. I played around with all options for graphics within the settings (text size, line size, graphics quality/speed), none have improved or changed the slow browsing issue. I've tried past version, this hasn't helped either. I've also tried viewing the library without the Artwork tab or Preview or with less columns, none of these things help either. Also, I've tried the automatic graphics switching to off in the MacOS power settings to no avail.

I've also tried a brand new library with only around 500 songs, and it still shows the same behaviour.

What has improved the browsing performance is opening the mytags side window or any of the other panes to the right of the GUI (info etc), thus reducing the amount of space the browser window occupies and so less GUI to draw. Also reducing my MacOS display settings to scale down the screen (so everything is much bigger) also improves performance.

I feel that a very capable machine like my 2016 Macbook Pro should be able to show smooth scrolling at the very least of the library in full size. My old Surface Pro was very smooth, as well as my PC desktop, so what is the issue with the Macbook?

Also worth noting, I have my library mirrored in Serato DJ and its scrolls super smooth with Hi-res mode on for the GUI.

Thanks in advance.

Alex Taylor




Hi !

I also noticed this issue on my MacBook Pro 13" from early 2015 (i5, 16gb ram). Furthermore, I also get audio dropouts when scrolling fast in the library and this is a real problem ! I increased the buffer size to 512samples but still I get audio dropouts sometimes both with my S9 and my RR. I think the library code need a bit of optimization...  Hope there will be a fix soon !


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I'm on board with the above posts as well–when using Rekordbox DJ (via Link Mode with 2 x CDJ2000NXS (CAT5) + DJM900NXS2 (USB) scrolling through the songs using the hardware dial results in significant lag, the "clicks" of the dial do not result in a 1:1 response, no matter what the buffer size is set to. What makes this even more interesting is that I have an XP1 integrated into my setup to control Lighting Mode, and when using the the knob on it I experience a much snappier response, though there's is still random lag. 


FWIW, my CPU meter isn't even a quarter of the way up–and the opening up some of the windows on the right of the browser does help a bit. I've also reduced the number of columns in the browser to see if that  helps, but to no avail.


I had this behavior for 5.6 and the last two iterations of RBDJ. Having said that, I have not experienced any audio dropouts.

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