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Channel levels randomly changing.


So i have proble where when im playing a song alone the channel volume is normal, just like i set it in the auto gain (green).

The peak of the song is a bit below the high knobs top.(You can see in the picture)


But when i am playing the same song with another track, it gets louder (Above what i set in the auto gain)

The peak of the song is a bit above the high knobs top.(You can see in the picture) And how you can see the songs are even playing the same beat, so they should be the same volume.

This happens all the time. With all the songs, even if i'm mixing two different songs.

I started noticing this problem when i set the auto gain knob on all my songs.

I put the auto gain knob so that every songs channel level is below the high knobs top.(Basically green) But then when im mixing the songs don't stay on that level that i set them to.

Please help!

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That's because the two audio waveforms are summing and creating a larger peak. Think of waves on water - one small wave can hit another small wave, and it will either cancel it out or make it larger.

Try EQing one of the songs down a bit, or lower the level of one of the tracks.

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